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... Notes from the Underground ...


Who is Lex Lingua?

Aspiring pirate masquerading as a solicitor/ is a connoisseur of wallpapers, illustrations and quotations/ loves black ink/ wants respect but hates attention/ wonders if she’s a hypochondriac/ loves random conversations/ is a bibliophile/ is confounded by grey/ likes to try her hand at Photoshop/ addicted to the internet/ likes instrumental music/ loves collecting e-books/ hates borrowing/ is a movie buff/ would like to own a start-up one day/ believes that pen is mightier than the sword/ inseparable from her iPod/ loves blogging but finds it tedious/ hates ingratitude and backstabbers/ hates messy rooms/ worships cleanliness/ has constant headaches/ used to like purple/ loves making collages/ suffers from the yo-yo syndrome/ keeps a leather-bound diary whether or not she writes into it/ loves her family/ believes in God.